Busy lifestyle with working late night and overtime, stay up late studying, although with your precious “me time”, ended up distracted into surfing net till midnight, chasing late night drama, happy hour, causing you to get up from the wrong side of bed the next day with fatigue, yellowish skin complexion, even pimples and acne breakouts, dark circle around eyes, fine lines and other skin issue.  Are there any skincare products that work as first aid for late night skin problems? Are the midnight recovery products recommended in the beauty market able to help? Skin Care Specialist suggests 4 first aid tricks for midnight skin caring, do try them out next time when you’re into the wee hours again!


Why late night can cause deteriorating skin conditions?

Human body has natural physiological time clock, frequent late-night works can cause hormonal imbalance, irrespective of man or woman, long term late night not only affect your health, when the body do not receive enough nutrients to repair & maintain bodily functions, the skin superficial layer ended up tired, dull and with yellowish complexion and other warning signs such as spots, speckles, fine lines, rough and bumpy skin conditions will start showing. 


Besides yellowish skin complexion, if late night skincare routine is not adequately carried out, it can easily leads to the following skin conditions: 


Late Night Skin Issue 1: Rough & Enlarged Pores

Skin natural life cycle has specific rhythmic rules & patterns, medical research reveals that if the skin has no adequate or sufficient repairing or rejuvenation while sleeping, it can seriously influence the processes of skin natural life cycle, the most obvious skin issue is skin pores becoming rough & big, skin sebum & water becoming imbalance.

Late Night Skin Issue 2: Acne & Comedogenic 

Skin releases more sebum oil due to late night hours, moreover with insufficient care of the stratum corneum layer, can further result in excess sebum oil production, clogged pores that usually result in the formation of whiteheads and blackheads, in more severe condition, may ensue to pimples and infectious breakouts. By using appropriate acid skincare product at this time, such as Mandelic Acid that has ingredients with metabolic effect of removing old skin cells, can help to reduce or slow down acne formation.


Late Night Skin Issue 3: Dry & Rough

Late night hours cause sebum oil & water imbalance, tired skin is usually lack of hydration, hence if no appropriate moisture and hydration, it can easily cause skin to experience taut, itch, peeling & scaling effects.


Late Night Skin Issue 4: Aging Skin

Our skin need anti-oxidant factors (to absorb & neutralize free radicals) every day, because free radicals are being generated through many factors ranging from UV harms, external environmental, air pollution and other causing factors. Large number of free radicals are being generated especially during late night hours, which accelerate aging skin appearance. Besides regulating & improving through healthy diet, applying topical anti-oxidant skincare products can also help to improve aging  skin conditions.


Late Night Skin Care: 4 Great Strategies

Night time is the most important golden period for skin to repair & rejuvenate, especially if you’re not able to avoid late night hours, choosing effective anti-Oxidant skincare products, such as Midnight Recovery Treatment / Cream which is specifically designed & formulated for late night hours is crucially important, along with the following 4 first aid strategies, helps you waking up in the morning with vibrant skin & restored vitality.


Late Night Skin Care Strategy 1: Strengthen Skin Moisturizing Effect

Our skin can easily dehydrate during late night hours, especially in a cold air-conditioned room, when the skin is dehydrated, it usually appear dull, darkened (hyperpigmentation), lacklustre and other conditions, hence it is very important to rehydrate and replenish our skin’s hydration level, it is highly recommended to apply nourishing facial mask, serums, and midnight recovery cream or other products with this effect, to provide skin with sufficient nourishment, restore skin oil and water balance for radiant healthier and lustre skin.


Late Night Skin Care Strategy 2: Massage to Reduce Puffiness

Many people are commonly troubled with eye bags, dark eye circles & puffy face after late night hours, this is because of the late night hours exert negative effects on skin cell natural cycle. This time, besides drinking black coffee, red bean soup, you can lightly massage the whole face with serum and cream, acupoint presses helps too.  Choosing any midnight recovery related skincare products can even further enhance your face radiance and achieving better results.


Late Night Skin Care Strategy 3: Anti-Oxidant

Late Night Skin is highly deprived of repairing, due to excessive amount of free radicals production which accelerate the process of aging skin, hence anti-oxidant is needed to beat off or neutralize free radicals.  It is highly recommended to use skincare products with “Fullerence C60” ingredient, in which ERH uses this Nobel Prize affirmed ingredient, exclusively formulated in its star product – ERH Midnight Recovery Treatment Cream, a product that’s able to effectively nourish & upkeep healthy skin, along with aforementioned moisturizing & massaging steps, it certainly can beat off late night tired looking face.


Late Night Skin Care Strategy 4: Catch Up with Your Sleep

Beauty sleep is not just vain saying, sleep is very important to human body, good sleeping habit can bring forth many positive improvements to good health,vitality, and good skin conditions. If you’re unable to avoid late night hours, it’s certainly beneficial to find some free time in between tight schedules, to catch up with your sleep. For instance, a 30 minutes sleep during lunch break, and if possible, to pair up with Midnight Recovery Treatment Cream, in order to further charge up your skin & body.

Finally, besides paying more attention to healthy eating habits and skincare products selection, we recommend to maintain a minimum 7 hours of sleep a day, and try to sleep before 11.00pm, this can further reduce or slow down the late night hours harms and damages to your skin.