Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that boasts of being the ultimate ingredient for tackling aging signs with powerful anti-aging ability, not only being more manageable with side effects compared to Retinoic Acids, it is useful for acne, pimples, and fibroblast cells turnover. 


Nowadays many beauty brands have developed the most appropriate & effective formula of Retinol skincare products based on the common skin concerns faced by modern people. But where to buy the right one and is there any good recommendation? Keep reading on and you will find out! 


Theory of Retinol Anti-aging

Retinol is a common skincare ingredient in this present marketplace, it is also known as Retinoid. The prescription retinoids have a much higher concentration in the active ingredient, but it may cause side effects to hypersensitive skin. Retinol is an antioxidant and belongs to fat-soluble vitamins. Retinol benefits our skin in a diversity of effectiveness such as anti-aging, fading wrinkles, smoothen uneven skin, brightening, anti-acne, pores free, tightening & whitening.


What is Retinol used for? Retinol can recuperate Corneocytes, restore the health condition of the skin outer layer to become delicate and smoother in a long-term usage. Retinol accelerates the collagen production and smoothen fine lines. Moreover, the formed cuticles are able to shed along with melanin and restrain melanin formation. Additionally, it can reduce pigment accumulation and improve dull skin tone. Simultaneously, it also plays the role of a cell-communicating ingredient, the theory of Vitamin Retinol is different from other acid-based skincare products as it works from inside out, making the skin appear youthful and tightening to your ideal glow. (Further read: What is Retinol? The complete guide to “Retinol effectiveness”, to understanding this Dermatologist’s recommended anti-aging ingredient) 


Effectiveness and Benefits of Retinol Serum

Besides Retinol being an effective anti-aging ingredient recognised by the US FDA, ERH Youthful Lab even discovered that “Double-Retinols” effectiveness on skin does not limit only to anti-aging, but it includes the common skin problems of modern people, as well as potential skin conditions. Only one bottle of “Double-Retinols” Serum can demonstrate the effectiveness to help the skin restore back to its lustre.



Benefits of Double-Retinols Serum

Skin regeneration, improve enlarged pores

Brightening, goodbye to dullness

Tighten skin, slow down pre-aging appearance 

Elevate skin elasticity

Lighten fine lines & wrinkles



Selection Criteria of Retinol for Skin  

Importance of Retinol Bottle Packaging

Retinol is easily damaged & broken down by sunlight & oxygen exposures, it is critical to use packaging that can maintain & stabilize Retinol effectiveness, only then it can achieve the maximum skin care effects, so the best choice is to use airtight, light-proof amber colour glass bottle.


Retinol Formulation

Apart from Retinol, pairing it with other beneficial skin care ingredients, can greatly elevate anti-degenerative & anti-aging skin care effects! But be alert not to have alcohol, perfume, aromatic, and other irritable ingredients, even though Retinol is significantly milder than Retinoic acids, avoiding irritable ingredients can further reduce skin discomfort.


Bakuchiol & Retinol

Bakuchiol & Retinol for face can be regarded as the perfect pair, scientific research shows when these two ingredients are paired together, it has outstanding effects, ERH “Double-Retinols” proudly presents its formulation! Because Bakuchiol exerts excellent skin calming and stabilizing effects, besides having the great Retinol anti-aging effects, it also increases skin tolerability towards Retinol application.


The intention of Double-Retinols: PRO Encapsulate Technique enable Retinol & Plant-derived Retinol (Bakuchiol), which possesses similar, yet exclusive ingredient advantages, it provides similar anti-aging benefits to the skin, helping the skin to achieve healthier, youthful & vibrant skin. Since both are great antioxidants and able slow down skin aging caused by daily routine and environmental stressors, whilst it strengthens the restore ability of the skin barrier. Especially for sensitive skin and easily irritated by Retinol application, pairing Bakuchiol & Retinol can reduce skin sensitivity & alleviate skin peeling reaction, while achieving a synergized anti-aging effect. 


Best Retinol Product Recommendation? Where to buy?

We believe that after reading this article, you will have some initial understanding of Retinol, and probably be eager to experience its anti-aging effects.  Here’s our highly recommended golden pair of Bakuchiol & Retinol serum that helps you to achieve your ideal skin appearance.



ERH Double-RetinolsNew Elasticity Serum

After 546 experimental research and development, ERH Youthful Lab gives you the 2022 new generation of anti-aging serum. 


Just by application onto the skin, this exclusive Double-Retinol formulation uses PRO Encapsulate Technique to encapsulate the macromolecule of bakuchiol and retinol that allows the active ingredients to continuously be released while bringing a more effective and mild maintenance efficacy.


Extensive research confirmed that Retinol has efficacy of “anti-aging”, even recent years indicate that Double-Retinols formulations have better effectiveness, including improving skin texture around eyes, face and neck areas, tightening & increasing skin elasticity, and brightening skin tone.  Even the non-sticky and easy to apply texture is also taken into consideration in the design of ERH Double-Retinol Serum. Finally, in order to bring out the ideal anti-aging effect from these highly effective ingredients, always remember to apply sunblock, or use any available UV protection methods such as wearing a cap to protect your skin! 



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